College Visit.

I went to Simpson, and the best part about the trip, was seeing the dorms. I thought they’d be big, based on how the whole campus looks. But sadly, no. It’s like little apartments with bunk beds. It surprised me how good they had a coffee shop, and how you don’t have to pay. And […]

What I Hope To Do This Summer.

I hope this summer, I’ll be able to go back to Minnesota to visit my family and most of all, my best friend Jules before I leave to Nevada. That’s the only reason why I’m here. In Iowa. To move to go somewhere else. Although, Iowa is a nice place. I just don’t and can’t […]


When I’m with my whole family and we hungry ? We eat collard greens , fried chicken , bbq ribs , mashed potatoes with gravy, greens beans , fried spinach , hot dogs , ramen noodles, hot wings , fried rice , etc. We eat more than that but its to much to even put […]

Raise Your Voice

If I could change anything It would be bullying . Bullying can cause depression . And uncontrolled depression can cause death . Or suicide . Bullying is something that needs to end . Not knowing , but bullying can end up to death , or even cuts on peoples arm . Yeah , I have […]

Family & Friends

Sometimes when I’m with my family members or with really close trustworthy friends , we do random crazy things . For example , we listen to weird music and dance to it or we watch episodes from the shows we missed . We don’t usually do normal stuff people do at regular sleepovers . But […]

Hello world!

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